Before you let your fingers do the walking through any Verizon Products... Beware where they might lead you!

Verizon has been aware that thousands of ads were placed in their publications that have led to countless consumers being ripped off! If you look at any of their phonebooks or internet sites you will find unscrupulous businesses placing ads and praying on it's victims. This has been going on for over 7 years now and Verizon has allowed this to continue. Thousand of ads have been placed under the locksmith heading for businesses that do not exist. These calls are forwarded to call centers in other states or countries and untrained scam artists arrive and take advantage of innocent victims. Since these ads target legitimate businesses by using their address and even their name, often times these consumers are lied to and told they are from that company. These phoneys demand cash after drilling out locks or performing shabby work and are never heard from again. Verizon has allowed this to happen by not verifying whether the company is located at this address or if in fact it is actually a legitimate company. The Massachusetts Locksmith Association hired an attorney and notified Verizon of this practice but it fell on deaf ears. On November 6, 2006 Hank Phillippi Ryan did a report called "Hank Investigates: Lock Crock" and brought attention to the public audience. Verizon again ignored this problem and consumers are still being swindled out of thousands of dollars! David Wade of WBZ News had also done a report on July 28, 2009 titled "Consumers Beware of Costly Locksmith Scams" but once again Verizon allowed these phony listings to continue.

The Massachusetts Locksmiths Association urges you to boycott Verizon (, Super Pages ( Super Media (, Super Guarantee (, Super Yellow Pages, and any related Verizon companies until this problem is resolved. The Massachusetts Locksmiths Association even volunteered to expose the phony listings making it easy for Verizon to remove them but the offer went unanswered. Please forward this request and warning to everyone you know so they too don't fall victim to these unscrupulous locksmiths!